Who We Serve

Automotive Manufacturers

AER is Committed to Automotive

We understand the connection between product performance, customer experience, and brand integrity: Value. AER takes seriously the idea that what we do contributes to a significant part of the total vehicle driving and ownership experience. Moreover, we get that, while we provide a part of the experience, it is your brand that customers see and associate with parts that don’t function properly, recalls, or repair wait times.

As a provider of automotive electronics remanufacturing services for automakers, our success is therefore only as good as yours. We’re honored to be entrusted with our clients’ brand reputations. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We also understand the importance of infrastructural scalability: we can work within highly structured programs or ones that that have to bend and flex. We don’t just service your business. Consider us an extension of it.


What We Do

AER’s expert technicians provide complete electronics assembly services along with extensive function tests and programming capabilities.

Smart Sequence

AER has the ability to develop custom test platforms that meet the exact specifications of our customer’s unique program needs.

Electronics Lifecycle Management (PLM)

From logistics and data management to product repair and redistribution, AER provides comprehensive cradle to grave PLM services.

Extension Services

Distribution only program, or a full-fledged remanufacturing solution, AER truly serves as an extension of your business


AER offers domestic and international shipping services for companies or individuals looking to send packages.

PCB Rework

We provide comprehensive Printed Circuit Board (PCB) rework services across multiple industries.


General Motors EV-1

General Motors was one of the first major American automakers to produce electric vehicles at any large scale, and its EV-1 vehicle was the 1st viable electric car. When GM needed a remanufacturing and repair partner for its electric vehicle program, the automaker called on its longtime trusted ally, AER. Read the full case study to learn more about how AER handled all reman needs for more than 1200 EV-1 MagneCharge charging stations.

40 Years in Automotive Remanufacturing Means:

AER’s decades of experience in working with the largest auto manufacturers on the planet prove we understand the needs of automotive manufacturers and their supporting dealers.


Increased Reman Program Profitability

Decreased Customer Downtime

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Manufacturers Stay Focused on Core Competencies