Who We Are

About AER

Fueling innovation through preservation

Things break. That’s life. Cars and their electronic bells and whistles—computers, clusters, entertainment systems—are no exception.
Replacement doesn’t necessarily always need to be the solution. Renewal is a better option, both economically and environmentally. AER fixes failed and damaged automotive electronics, no matter how complex the repair, giving them a new lease on life. As a leader in automotive electronics remanufacturing, staying at the forefront of sustainability, and renewables is serious business.

We believe in keeping things going; in repair and remanufacturing; in extending the life and optimizing the performance of electronic systems and car parts, rather than retirement to landfills. Let’s face it: perfectly workable, repairable mechanisms deserve a second chance—an approach that can make economic, as well as environmental sense.

For seven decades running, AER has been a dedicated partner to some of the world’s most esteemed car manufacturers, OEMs, and dealers, keeping their vehicles’ most important systems running, their drivers, happy, and their businesses thriving. With state-of-the-art facilities, outstanding engineers, expert technicians, cradle-to-grave process management, and a bend-over-backwards service ethic, our remanufacturing service center motto is—Consider It Done.™

AER Leadership

Kim Quick

Chief Executive Officer

Simply put, OEM automotive electronics has been Kim Quick’s passion since graduating from Purdue and his first job at GM—where he spent 14 years honing his talents, sharpening his business acumen—and absorbing valuable business intel. During his tenure at General Motors, Kim held positions in an incredible breadth and diversity of disciplines: manufacturing; industrial engineering; business planning; field service engineering; field sales management; and Public Relations.

This rich experience gave Kim a uniquely panoramic perspective and intelligence when it came to auto electronics remanufacturing. It was what emboldened him to embark on his journey as an entrepreneur and invest in the company that he ultimately came to own. Because of his leadership, AER is today the only automotive electronics remanufacturer in America that serves all of “Big Three” automobile manufacturers: Ford, GM, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. A singular achievement.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management from Purdue University and joined AER as Shareholder in 1987. He became sole owner in 1999 and continues contributing his deep expertise and long experience today, as Chief Executive Officer. Kim enjoys spending free time with his granddaughters and family.

Ken Hopkins

Chief Operating Officer

Ken is a Southern California native and Chief Operating Officer of AER Technologies, Inc. He is responsible for the operations of the company while overseeing the implementation of corporate strategy. Ken joined AER in 2002 as head of AER’s aftermarket sales division and was soon appointed to General Sales Manager. Under Ken’s leadership, the company tripled in size, posting record sales and nation-wide expansion. Ken later went on to oversee multiple divisions including Sales, Service and Information Technology, before being appointed to Interim President and ultimately Chief Operating Officer. He is a self-made professional with invaluable experience and operates with the highest code of business ethics.

Prior to joining AER, Ken spent a decade and a half in Information Technology, Logistics and Sales Management. Ken is an accomplished Commercial Pilot and is passionate about traveling with his wife and kids.

Ingrid I. Frakes

Chief Financial Officer

Ingrid is Chief Financial Officer at AER, with broad expertise in Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Operations, Change Management, and Personnel Development. Prior to joining AER in 1999, Ingrid served as the Regional Controller at Acosta, a multi-million dollar sales and marketing organization. Prior to that, she developed her forensic accounting expertise as a Manager at Simpson & Company, a litigation consulting firm. With integrity, intensity, and dedication, she has consistently exceeded AER’s stringent sustainability and continuous growth requirements. Ingrid graduated from the Leventhal School of Accounting at the University of Southern California, and obtained her accounting and auditing experience at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Los Angeles.

In her spare time, Ingrid enjoys running, cycling, and snowboarding and along with her husband and son, she has a distinguished passion for cars. Her personal motto at work and in life is, “Handled”—shorthand (and inspiration) for ‘Consider it done.’

Cameron Quick

Chief Marketing Officer

Cam Quick oversees the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service departments of AER, while serving as it’s key point-of-contact for clients, both new and existing. Cam’s ground floor training ‘up through the ranks,’ including many entry- and mid-level positons, gives him a unique, powerful (‘panoramic’) perspective on customer expectations and the need for continuous internal improvement. The core of his remit is to keep AER performing at the highest levels and to keep it an industry front-runner.

Cam began his career in Technology, where he developed and managed custom software programs for leading organizations in the Government, Defense, Oil, and Construction sectors. Throughout his tenure at AER, he has refined his skills in Supply Chain Management, Operations, Sales, and Marketing and leveraged his extensive industry experience to establish new—and optimize existing—remanufacturing programs. Cam is passionate about leading companies to see the financial, operational, and environmental value of remanufacturing, taking a keen personal interest in making such programs a permanent, profitable fixture in client’s long term business models.

Cam earned his bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from California State University, Fullerton.
In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters.

When faced with changes in ownership and restructuring of its service network, Chrysler – now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – needed a reliable electronics service center. As one of the automaker’s few contracted remanufacturing partners since the 1970s, AER has proven itself as a “center of excellence” time and time again. Learn how AER became the exclusive automotive radio service center for the entire U.S.