Over 75 Years of Service

Who We Serve

We extend the life of automotive electronics, and deprive landfills of junk in the process.

AER has been in the business of providing world-class electronic component lifecycle support and extension services to the global, automotive market for more than half-a-century. We’ve followed the trends—closely. We’ve made it our business to understand them, stay ahead of them, and navigate them for and with our customers and partners.

In addition to our core in targeted repair/remanufacturing, and re-flash/recertification, AER provides: advanced diagnostics and design services; -calibration technology; assemble-test-and-program capabilities; cradle-to-grave assembly management, and a managed services approach that makes us more than a partner: that makes us a seamless extension of our customers’ businesses.

Exceptional Service for Exceptional Brands

Who We Do It For


Auto manufacturers have depended on AER for over 70 years.

We understand the connection between product performance, customer experience, and brand integrity: Value—both real and perceived. AER takes seriously the idea that what we do contributes to a significant part of the total car driving/car ownership experience. Moreover, we get that, while we provide a part of the experience, it is your brand that customers see and associate with it. Our success is therefore only as good as yours.

We’re honored to be entrusted with our clients’ brand reputations. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We also understand the importance of infrastructure scalability: that’s why we’re flexibly configured to work within highly structured programs or ones that have to bend and flex. We don’t just service your business. Consider us an extension of it.

AUTO Dealerships

A supply chain dealerships can always count on.

The rubber meets the road in Southern and Central California, America’s largest auto market. Location. Proximity. We have both, and they still matter, even in a world of digital transactions, “real time,” and overnight delivery. We appreciate that dealers are an automotive brand’s first line of contact with their customers—not so much in terms of the initial one-off sales transaction, as in the form of the services relationship that often follows. We’re a part of the chain and we make a point to be one of its strongest links.

When time matters (and time is money) our flexibility and in-house logistics capabilities can be the difference between an impressed, happy customer and an irate one, between a dealership renowned for its service—or reviled for the lack of it. The key is flexibility. We can support both your warranty and out-of-warranty business. And while we’re built for large remanufacturing programs, we can also handle the ad hoc repairs that are closer to the needs of the dealerships and dealer networks.

Electronic Manufacturers

Managing the lifecycle for electronics manufacturers.

We get that. That’s why we aspire to be the product maker’s trusted outsource—every single day. When you place your product in the hands of third party technicians, entrusted with optimizing their performance, extending their lifespan, and getting out of them all that you put into them, you want the best—meticulous experts who know your product as if they’d designed it themselves.

No matter what your brand name is—and even if your component is white labeled behind the auto manufacturer’s brand—you want outstanding engineers handling your product. The capacity to be reparable, to be remanufactured, re-flashed, or refurbished to proper levels of performance (and years of extended life) isn’t extrinsic to your product—it’s a valued feature of it. We make sure that your proprietary technology is protected and functions up to its potential.