Test Engineering

Full Diagnostics

AER has the ability to develop custom test platforms that meet the exact specifications of our customer’s unique program needs. Our Detroit based team of highly skilled engineers get to know your product inside and out as if it were our own, in order to fully understand what needs to be tested and verified prior to restarting it’s lifecycle. We have the technical prowess to diagnose and handle targeted tests at the most micro levels, to make sure each and every component is performing like it should.


What We Support

  • Customer Complaint Replication

  • Component Testing + Troubleshooting

  • Communication Signal Verification

"The advancement of AER’s diagnostic and triage capabilities provides a unique advantage to our customers by ensuring that all issues, not just initial customer complaints, are accurately identified and addressed during the remanufacturing process."
Kurt Kniepkamp
I&D Technical Manager, AER Technologies

We Go Beyond

AER’s proprietary system for testing electrical components goes beyond the traditional pass-fail determination of power/ground simulation tests. AER’s answer to traditional “light and play” methods it provide a detailed sequence of communicative tests. At AER, proprietary automation sequences reduce margin of error and increase efficiency because they minimize human discretion. AER’s sequence transforms a 15-minute diagnostic test with a yes/no result into a more robust assessment in a matter of seconds. Manufacturers get accurate, real-time diagnostics directly for quality control, verification and performance metric measurements.


AER is certified to do the work others are not.



Delphi Automotive

Delphi Automotive, a leading global supplier of automotive technology, desperately needed product support after faulty stepper motors used in production between 2003-2007 on GMT800 instrument clusters caused widespread failures, affecting nearly 10.5 million GM owners across the United States.