Electronics Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Your Partner in Lifecycle Management

AER offers comprehensive secondary warranty and product support for your current and end-of-life electronics. From logistics and data management to product repair and redistribution, AER provides comprehensive cradle to grave PLM services.


Our program includes

  • Logistics

  • Data Management

  • Product Repair

  • Redistribution

"AER effectively eliminated Christie Digital Systems’ in-house repair efforts in favor of a custom remanufacturing and distribution program that now serves as the primary network for their server fleet, including hundreds of major movie theaters nationwide."

How we do it

At AER, a team of experts analyzes your current products and assembles custom services that allow us to do what we best- handling remanufacturing operations- so you can focus on what you do best. Save money by spending less on parts, labor, and overhead, while ensuring your operation is running as efficiently as possible by having the freedom to focus on your core competencies.

The Benefits of Working with AER for PLM

Extended useful life of current products

Increased customer satisfaction

End-of-life practices that reduce expenses

Higher ROI on capital investments

Responsible PLM Practices Benefit the Environment

Enterprises can reduce e-waste and its environmental impact by partnering with a reliable electronics remanufacturing center like AER. Our extensive experience in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) means we know how to extend the lifespan of electronics, to help you cut down on cost by reducing the need to produce or purchase new product, while getting more use out of salvageable product. Read more about OEM Environmental Responsibility.

AER is certified to do the work others are not.



Delphi Automotive, a leading global supplier of automotive technology, desperately needed product support after faulty stepper motors used in production between 2003-2007 on GMT800 instrument clusters caused widespread failures, affecting nearly 10.5 million GM owners across the United States.