Module Repair

In the new age of automotive connectivity, module networks are the heartbeat of all things happening in vehicle. As a leader in sustainable technology solutions—we strive to extend the life and performance of modules and other electronic communication devices in every single vehicle.

AER Services

Repair, Remanufacturing,
and Recertification

AER’s team of experienced engineers repairs modules and components to keep vehicles functioning at maximum performance and efficiency. Our experts are able to identify failure modes and develop programs that renew or recertify failed units. 

 Various in-vehicle modules handle all aspects of vehicle interactions and utilize total integrated power and engine control to help regulate timing and performance of engines, powertrain and other features. Our renewable technology helps drive supply chain innovation by repairing modules instead of waiting on new part production thus saving capital and increasing uptime. 


module repair Remanufacturing services for:

  • engine control modules

  • body control modules

  • powertrain control modules (PCM)

  • Totally Integrated Power Modules (TIPM)

  • Case Sealing
  • Software Updates
  • Recertification
  • Connector Repair and Replacement
  • Board-level Component Rework
"AER is incredible in both professionalism and speed of service."
Daniel Weatherbie
CEO, Neomed Imaging

How we do it

As the leader in automotive electronics remanufacturing we believe in staying at the forefront of sustainability and renewable technology. Using our custom test platform we design specific tests and work with manufacturers to optimize repair capabilities. We ship directly to customers or depot locations using custom shipping options and services. Our custom-tailored repair module services help return vehicles to the road with minimal downtime.

Using AER re-tests we can recertify components and determine if defective modules can be renewed or remanufactured. The turnaround time is faster than ordering new modules overseas and causes less disruption in supply chains. Furthermore, our lower repair costs help to extend the life of modules while providing consistent value and sustainability.

Why AER for Module Repair

AER collaborates with customers to throughly understand processes and meet individual needs. For over seven decades AER has been a dedicated partner to many of the world’s most esteemed car manufacturers, OEMs, and dealers helping to keep vehicles running and businesses thriving.

Our module repair services extend the life and optimize the performance of electronic systems and car parts. AER remains committed to maintaining numerous industry leading third-party certifications including ISO 14001, IATS 16979, and IPC J-STD-001. We remain dedicated to exceeding customer expectations while improving all areas of business and providing remanufactured products that meet or exceed the quality of new.

The Benefits of Working with AER for Module Repair Services

Lower repair costs for manufacturers and dealers

Extended life of modules through recertification

More efficient supply chain and quicker turnaround times

A Higher Standard

AER has long prided itself on “driving innovation through preservation.” Our mission is to provide our customers with an outsourcing service that allows them to focus on their core competencies while leaving the product support to us. Through our extension services, our customers find that they have more bandwidth to focus on what matters most to their organization – developing and producing products on the cutting edge of technology. Outsourcing to a trusted service center frees up focus that can be directed to new opportunities.

AER is certified to do the work others are not.


Navistar, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles, and engines, sought out AER to develop a “cradle-to-grave” remanufacturing program. 

AER is now helping Navistar’s ReNEWed program to deliver environmentally friendly products using reverse engineering techniques that incorporate mid-cycle design modifications and enhancements.