Why AER?

Consider it done.

“Consider it done” really isn’t a tagline. It’s actually more than that. It’s our motto, our work ethic. It’s a promise and word of assurance to customers and to partners. It means: that you can expect world-class customer service—work that is done, done well, done completely, and completed on time. It means: you can count on ‘it’—whatever ‘it’ may be—and on us.


The AER Commitment

We believe in heroic customer service

Heroic Customer Service means: a bend-over-backwards’ work ethic; the ability to flex, integrate, and scale with your business as it grows (and as we grow it with you); it means access to highly knowledgeable, expert technicians and engineers; and fast turn-around times in a business where timing is—if not quite everything—a lot.

A flexible infrastructure that can scale with you

AER offers state-of-the art facilities, strong diagnostic and in-house calibration capabilities; an assemble-test-program capacity; reliable inventory; and a managed services orientation to business. We’re powerful, capable, and adaptable.

The world’s best car companies choose to work with us

This isn’t a boast. It’s a fact. We count among our esteemed clients, companies like Ford, Nissan, GM, Chrysler, and Mitsubishi. We’ve strived to win and retain their trust and business by anticipating the trends that could impact them, upgrading our technology, and winning their admiration and trust.

GM needed a remanufacturing partner with competencies in high quality electronics remanufacturing and large scale distribution. More than 60 years later, AER Technologies is still GM’s premier West Coast service center. Read the full case study to learn how AER helped reduce costs, improve turn-times, and enhance customer satisfaction at GM dealers, while keeping pace with evolving technical requirements.