Extension Services

The most valuable feature of AER’s service lineup is our Managed Service approach to working with our customers. We call it Extension Services, because our way of working is an extension of your business that allows you to return focus to what you do best. Whether you are in need of a distribution only program, or a full-fledged remanufacturing solution, AER truly serves as an extension of your business.

AER Specializes in Extension Services Including:

Inbound & outbound logistics

Inventory management

Product procurement

Real-time reporting

How We Do It

Our team of experts analyzes your current program and assembles custom services to save you money and ensure your operation is running as efficiently as possible. Each AER customer has a dedicated program manager to guide your projects the right way and give you an open point of contact for any of your needs.

Remanufacturing as a Managed Service

More electronics manufacturers and automakers are turning to managed services providers to extend their capacity without major capital investments, or initiatives that dilute their core team’s laser focus. Technological advancements have allowed for remanufacturing to boast a “better than new” reputation, thus leading to increased long term brand satisfaction for our partners.

The Benefits of Working with AER for Managed Services

Decreased expenditure on labor, parts and overhead

Significant cost savings

Ability to focus on core competency

Increased customer satisfaction (shorter lead times)

AER is incredible in both professionalism and speed of service.

– Daniel Weatherbie, Neomed Imaging