Rethink what’s possible.

Expand the horizons of your remanufacturing efforts

When it comes to electrification, the future is now. Remanufacturing is the answer to sustaining and extending the life of today’s complex electronics.

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We Fuel Innovation Through Preservation

Through sustainable manufacturing processes, AER extends the useful life of your products thus increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. We exist to help companies focus their efforts on innovation and continuing to bring new technologies to the market.

Now more than ever in a drastically changing electronics market, original equipment manufacturers are required to maintain a laser focus on their core competencies in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Trying to maintain an internal remanufacturing operation causes a strain on resources, bandwidth and the bottom line.

Not remanufacturing products is no longer an option.

AER Elevates Your Success

Whether you are looking to discover the operationally revolutionizing benefits of remanufacturing for the first time or ready to learn what new possibilities AER’s industry leading technologies can provide, we are ready to lead you into the future. We don’t just want to be a high impact partner, we want to work behind the scenes together as an extension of your brand.

Partner with a pioneer

Our 75 years of building successful remanufacturing programs with some of the nation’s biggest brands doesn’t happen by being reactive. We’re investing in incremental infrastructure so we’re ready to service the products of tomorrow.



Nashville HQ

EV is rapidly expanding in the state of Tennessee and so are we. From a state of the art cleanroom to high voltage capabilities first to market in the electric vehicle space, our commitment to your future is priority one.

What We Do

For more than seven decades, AER has given a new lease on life to literally hundreds of thousands of automotive electronics components and systems, working with some of the most esteemed car brands, car dealers, and OEM’s in the world.

Electronics Remanufacturing

AER provides custom tailored repair, remanufacturing and distribution services for original electronics manufacturers (OEMs).

Test Engineering

AER develops solutions that provide you with confidence that your products have been fully vetted and are customer-ready.