PCB Rework

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AER provides comprehensive Printed Circuit Board (PCB) rework services across multiple industries. Our IPC certified technicians have an average 15+ years experience and are recognized as some of the most talented hand solderers in the industry.

With the ability to hand solder the smallest of electronics, AER’s expert technicians possess the skills to rework, repair or upgrade components on your circuit board assemblies. Need help packaging and redistributing to your network? Consider it done.

PCB REwork Services

  • Trace Repair

  • BGA Replacement

  • Component repair

"AER is incredible in both professionalism and speed of service."
Daniel Weatherbie
CEO, Neomed Imaging

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How We Do It

AER provides PCB rework services with our team of specialized technicians. Their expertise in working with components as small as 0201 size means they can replace pieces as small as a grain of sand, and ensure that each and every part of the PCB is functioning as it should. Hand soldering techniques adhere to the IPC-J standard, and ensure each PC board is returned to better than new condition.

IPC Certification Means Qualified Techs

IPC (Institute for Printed Circuits) creates and revises standards for global electronics production. IPC standards include specifications and guidelines for producing high quality printed circuit boards, components and electronic assemblies. IPC standards establish the assembly process, inspection criteria and level of quality of the manufactured assemblies for all three product classes. AER requires production personnel to complete the IPC J-STD-001 training and certification program. This ensures that all PCB are produced and/or remanufactured with consistency.

To be certified as IPC Certified Specialist, a candidate must:

  • Successfully complete the training course conducted by an IPC certified trainer and pass a written exam with a score of 70% or better
  • Demonstrate hands-on soldering skills and workmanship
  • Certification validates that the candidate has received the skills and knowledge from the training program
  • Understand and know how to use IPC standard in the production process for all three product classes
  • Periodically renew the certification by taking recertification training every two years. The recertification is to ensure user continuing competency

AER is certified to do the work others are not.


The Benefits of Working with AER for PCB Rework

Increased quality vs. pick and place

Ability to replace 0201 level components


Blipblox by Playtime Engineering

Playtime Engineering needed a remanufacturing service for high-end electronic toys. AER was sought out because of competitive pricing and their quick understanding of requirements. This project included the unpackaging, disassembling, reprograming, reassembling, calibration, testing and repackaging of thousands of units.