Who We Serve

Automotive Dealers

No One Serves the Needs of the Nation's Car Dealerships Better than AER

AER provides outright and exchange sales for radios, clusters and modules. We provide convenient online and phone ordering and have 60K pieces of inventory in stock and ready to ship. Our customer service personnel are not just order takers. Our team works with each parts professional to ensure the right part is ordered in the right way to maximize manufacturer charge backs, and ensure drivers are back on track as quickly as possible.

As an automotive electronics remanufacturing service center, AER remains at the forefront of business trends and practical steps dealerships can take to cut core return timesensure perfect CSI scores and optimize margins on parts and service.




AER’s decades of experience in working with the largest automanufacturers on the planet prove we understand the needs of automotive manufacturers and their supporting dealers.


Increased Reman Program Profitability

Decreased Customer Downtime

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Manufacturers Stay Focused on Core Competencies