Electronics Assembly Services

Your Partner in Lifecycle Management

AER’s expert technicians provide complete electronics assembly services along with extensive function tests and programming capabilities. That is why we commit to fully understanding, reworking, and testing your product so that it performs to its highest capability for your end-user. 

Our program includes

  • Assembly

  • Testing

  • Programming

"The nation’s top three automakers- Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler Fiat Automobiles- have chosen AER as its primary remanufacturing center because we do not accept anything other than the best for our customers and for our workmanship."

How we do it

AER approaches our assemble / test / program services as if our company is an extension of your brand. Each piece of AER’s equipment is meticulously calibrated, allowing us to precisely understand the intricacies of your product and rework it accordingly. After the damaged component has been meticulously repaired, it undergoes a rigorous functionality testing process, to ensure that we are meeting the standards we set for both our clients and ourselves.

The Benefits of Working with AER for Assembly, Testing and Programming

Decreased “time to market” for electronics and instruments

Expand offerings outside of core competency to maximize opportunity

Reap the rewards of AER’s experience with top automakers

How Outsourcing Opens New Business Opportunities

AER has long prided itself on “driving innovation through preservation.” Our mission is to provide our customers with an outsourcing service that allows them to focus on their core competencies while leaving the product support to us. Through our extension services, our customers find that they have more bandwidth to focus on what matters most to their organization – developing and producing products on the cutting edge of technology. Outsourcing to a trusted service center frees up focus that can be directed to new opportunities.

AER is certified to do the work others are not.



Delphi Automotive

Delphi Automotive, a leading global supplier of automotive technology, desperately needed product support after faulty stepper motors used in production between 2003-2007 on GMT800 instrument clusters caused widespread failures, affecting nearly 10.5 million GM owners across the United States.