AER + The Cancer Research Institute

A Companywide Commitment to Finding a Cure

AER's Commitment to Cancer Research

At AER, we believe that the work we do ultimately serves a greater purpose. We are partnered with the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) to contribute towards finding a cure for cancer – a disease that has affected the lives of our employees and customers alike in profound ways. While we continue to pursue our mission of “fueling innovation through preservation,” the renowned doctors, scientists, and researchers of CRI are innovating a cancer cure through immunotherapy.

By doing business with AER, you too are making a significant impact in making a cancer-free future a reality. We are honored to have you join us in helping to fund revolutionary breakthroughs to cure all types of cancers.

"AER is thankful for the opportunity to give back by both financially supporting the Cancer Research Institute and indirectly serving those in need. Cancer impacts all our lives. When you transact with AER, you are contributing to the Cancer Research Institute. AER believes it is our corporate responsibility to embrace helping those in need in researching a cure for this devastating disease. As our business grows, so does our financial commitment to helping others."

AER's Corporate Principles

AER Technologies is a privately-owned company by our CEO and his wife, Kim and Andrea Quick. We highly value being privately owned as it provides us with flexibility and allows us to focus on our own performance and goals and not be driven to make decisions and actions based on bankers, analysts and other outside influences who are strictly concerned with the bottom line. 

We remanufacture and distribute electronics for several industries, primarily automotive. We embrace innovation and desire to grow predominantly from internal
development. We believe that our customers should expect high quality products that meet and exceed their needs at fair prices.

AER Technologies believes that ethical, honest, moral behavior must always guide and define how we operate our business. We believe in fairness to our employees, our customers, our vendors and anyone we deal with in the course of conducting our affairs. Open communication and clarity of purpose will be clearly communicated and understood throughout our company.

We appreciate, value, and respect each employee and honor and reward their contributions and service to the company. Creativity and innovation are encouraged, and our team is expected to be productive and efficient in our operations as we strive for excellence in all we do. We believe that planning for the future of the company at all levels is paramount to our long-term growth and success.

AER Technologies desires to be a good corporate citizen. We take seriously our responsibility to be environmentally conscious and to act in a foresighted and intentional manner with respect to the environment as well as natural resources. We are thankful for the opportunity to give back from our financial success in many forms including both direct support and indirectly serving those in need. 

The principle of giving back in the form of financial contributions will be a core value as we share our success with others. We believe that this principle of giving back is important for all directors, management and employees to understand and embrace.

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About CRI

Working in tandem with our global network of researchers, supporters, patients, and advocates, The Cancer Research Institute is funding the best scientists doing the most promising research—all while promoting awareness, sharing up-to-date immunotherapy information, and inspiring lifelong advocacy for the cause.

CRI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to harnessing our immune system’s power to control and potentially cure all types of cancer. CRI funds the most innovative clinical and laboratory research around the world, support the next generation of the field’s leaders, and serve as the trusted source of information on immunotherapy for cancer patients and their caregivers.


About Immunotherapy


CRI Visits AER HQ in Brea, CA

We have teamed up with the Cancer Research Institute as part of a company-wide commitment to find cures for cancer. On October 3, 2019, they came across the country to visit. We were pleased to welcome Jill O'Donnell-Tormey, Ph. D (CEO & Director of Scientific Affairs) and Sharon Slade (Director of Strategic Initiatives)!

2019 Wear White Day

On Friday, June 14, 2019, we wore white for a future immune to cancer. We invite you to help raise awareness about the lifesaving potential of immunotherapy on this day. By wearing white together, we are standing for science and the search for immune-based cures. Snap and share a selfie on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn using the hashtag #Immune2Cancer.


Press Release: AER Technologies and Cancer Research Institute Announce Philanthropic Partnership

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) and AER Technologies have partnered to raise vitals funds for the advancement of cancer immunotherapy research.

AER has committed to providing financial support in addition to raising awareness of immuno-oncology through shared digital resources and company-wide participation.

Webinar: Speaking With Your Oncologist

Conversations About Cancer Immunotherapy: Speaking With Your Oncologist

What are the benefits and risks of immunotherapy? What are the known side effects of immunotherapy? How soon after treatment will I experience the side effects? What is it like to participate in a clinical trial?

Immunotherapy has the profound potential to cure all types of cancer.

CRI funds the full spectrum of discovery, from lab to clinic to cure.

What AER Customers Have to Say