We Are Committed

Heroic Customer Service

At AER customer service is not just part of our business, it is our whole reason for existing.

As a remanufacturing service center, SERVICE is at the center of all we do. Our bend-over-backwards work ethic, flexibility to scale with your business needs, and highly knowledgeable staff are all part of our commitment to heroic customer service. We are here to serve our customers the right way, and it is our number one core value.


At AER, each person from the shop floor to the executive suite is part of our team, because they are great at what they do. Beyond the hard skills to get the job done, work ethic is a huge part of what makes our employees successful. We weave that work ethic into every interaction with every customer, and we are never okay with sub-standard conversations, timelines or products.


Our team of experts performs detailed diagnostics beginning with customer complaint verification and common failure tests, ending with a complete manufacturer approved function test. Each technician is trained to manufacturer specifications to ensure that all common failures are tested for and identified in our Smart Sequence Diagnostics process.



At the core of our heroic approach to customer service is our ability to be flexible. Our large warehouse as well as expandable processes, staffing and systems mean we can grow as a project grows. Our best customer relationships are based on flexibility.



Conforming to your specific business needs truly sets us apart. Whether it is adjusting our processes to accommodate your requirements, or launching brand new models based on what works best for you, we stop at nothing to make sure your program is tailored to your specifications.



An effective, friendly, flexible and hard-working remanufacturing service team is nothing if it can’t deliver the necessary part on time. Whether it’s a small failure, or a massive recall that’s backing up your customers all over the country, AER knows how to help you recover fast.