AER offers domestic and international shipping services for companies or individuals looking to send packages. By leveraging our long standing relationships with the nation’s top carriers, AER is able to offer shipping labels for any size package directly to your email inbox at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay elsewhere. Our team of logistics experts are standing by to guide you to a shipping solution that will meet your needs in every way. Submit a request and find out how much you could be saving today!

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AER vs. FedEx

Destination TypePackage (Residential)Destination TypeFreight (Business to Business)
To:New YorkTo:New York
Package:1 case / 25# / Dimensions: 12x12x12Package:1 case / 25# / Dimensions: 12x12x12
Service:Standard OvernightService:Standard Overnight
Cost:AER: $50.72
FedEx: $230.71
Cost:AER: $44.32

Shipping Made Simple

Adding efficiency and ease to your shipping process is our number one goal. We’ve made it simple to gain access to some of the most competitive rates in the industry and get labels delivered to your email inbox right when you need them.


How much can AER really save me?

Every penny counts for a small business owner. AER can save you up to 80% off FedEx “Published Rates” for Domestic and International shipments¹.

Do I have to pick up a physical label?

No, AER emails the FedEx label to you. You attach the label to your shipment and drop it off to any FedEx authorized drop-off location – easy as 1-2-3!

Do I have to drop off my package to a FedEx location?

No, AER can schedule a FedEx pickup from your location so you can spend your valuable time focusing on your business.²

Am I able to get a label to ship from an alternate location?

Yes, AER has you covered! We send you the FedEx labels and then you can forward them to the location that has the product to be shipped. We can even schedule a FedEx pick up from your vendor.²

Is AER able to accommodate a “Blind Shipment”?

Yes. A FedEx label can be created showing whatever company or address you need to show as the origin location. ³ ⁶

Am I able to purchase a label for a shipment that will be sent in the future?

Yes. Just give us the estimated date of shipment and the label will be created to reflect that date.

Can AER help me with all the customs paperwork and advise me of the requirements?

Yes. AER can do the customs paperwork for you. For a nominal charge per shipment we will alleviate your international shipping nightmares.⁴

Does AER insure shipments?

Yes. All FedEx shipments through AER come with $200 insurance coverage. Need more insurance? AER can get your shipment covered up to a total of $2000.⁵

Do my labels expire?

Yes. FedEx labels are good for 30 days from the date they are created and sent to you so you don’t have to rush to get an order out. Better yet, there are no cancellation fees if you decide not to use a label.

₁ Rates and savings vary based on service type and delivery area.

Scheduled Ground pick up requires 1 business day in advance notice. Priority ON, Standard ON & 2-Day services can be scheduled for same day pick up depending on location of pick up. Scheduled pick up is for business locations only and does not include pick up of international shipments.

₃ Applies to domestic shipments only.

₄ AER does not ship to all international locations. Please contact AER regarding countries not serviced. Recipient is responsible for any duties, tariffs or fees due at the time of delivery. These additional fees are not included in the quoted shipping rate. AER and FedEx make no expressed or written guarantees that international customs will release shipment to recipient in a timely manner.

₅ Extra charges apply on a tiered scale up to the maximum of $2000 per shipment. Extra insurance coverage is provided through U-PIC Shipping Insurance.

₆ The shipment will be billed from the actual pickup address to the destination address.

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