Advanced Electronics Remanufacturing Technologies (AER), a high technology electronics remanufacturing company, was founded in 1947 by Ivan Hoffman in Huntington Park California. Stan Rhodes, AER President in 1994, was the first outside employee hired, starting in 1950. AER's primary business at that time was repairing automobile radios.

In 1951, Dale Brown joined AER as a technician. Dale and Stan each purchased one-third of the company from Ivan in 1960, followed by the purchase of Ivan's remaining interest in 1962. Kim Quick joined the management team as a stockholder in 1987 having been employed by Delco Electronics for fourteen years. Kim became a full partner in 1992. When Dale Brown retired in 1994, Kim was elected Vice President. Upon Stan Rhodes' transition from President to Director in January 1999, Kim became CEO/President.

By 1963, AER had grown to ten employees, and that year moved to a new location at 1841 West Commonwealth Avenue in Fullerton, California. In 1975, the company was operating three decentralized service centers: Fullerton, Long Beach, and Huntington Park. A sales division dedicated to providing audio upgrades and on-site technical support to Chrysler, Ford and General Motors dealerships was established in 1980. To improve customer service, a centralized strategy was adopted which resulted in the Long Beach store being consolidated with the Fullerton operation in 1990. The Huntington Park store followed in 1992.

Instrumentation and display (cluster) remanufacturing began in 1980, with engine control remanufacturing added in 1981. Historically recognized as a world-class supplier of remanufactured electronic products by the Delco Electronics unit of General Motors, AER in 1992 received the Q1 Preferred Quality Award from Ford Motor Company. In 1997, Chrysler Motors consolidated their Audio Warranty Repair Centers servicing dealerships throughout the United States and AER was selected as one of seven centers. Also in 1997, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) registered AER's quality system to the QS-9000 and ISO 9002 standards.

In January 2005 faced with increasing demand, AER relocated its operations to a state of the art 65,000 square foot facility in Brea, CA. This facility was designed from the ground up by the AER team taking into account years of industry specific competitive benchmarking. AER's operation is one of the largest automotive remanufacturing and distribution facilities in the country and remains the only supplier to all three domestic auto makers. Operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week while providing service to more than 15,000 customers, AER continues to meet the increasing demands of the largest electronics manufacturers in the industry.