Quality Operating System:


AER Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to exceeding our customer's expectations by continually improving all areas of our business and providing defect-free products. All of our employees embrace our quality system standards and are active participants in our continual improvement programs. Statistical methods are used throughout the organization to facilitate these programs. Our commitment is demonstrated by our third-party certification to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality System standards since 1997 with Underwriters Laboratories (Certificate No. A4872). By adhering to these strictest of quality standards, we ensure total customer satisfaction for both you and your customer.

The foundation of AER Technologies, Inc. is its Quality Management System (QMS). The Quality Management Systems exists to achieve customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, using voice of the customer information, formalized problem solving processes, and relying on documentation to monitor all process. Key processes which measure customer satisfaction are tracked, and periodic meetings of Process Improvement Teams review the "key measurables" to determine if we are meeting our quality goals.

We continually interface with all of our customers who provide feedback on how well we are satisfying their needs. Based on this information we formulate new goals so that we continuously work toward increased customer satisfaction.

We are interested in hearing from you. Please take a moment to provide feedback about your experience with the AER team.

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