Green Initiative

AER believes in making a difference. Preserving our environment by contributing less waste not only benefits the community; it allows AER to be part of a global effort that is shaping the lives of generations to come.

There are countless ways in which every individual can have a positive effect on the environment and each step, big or small -can have lasting results. AER strives to place environmental responsibility at the top of the list when considering new capitol investments, facility improvements as well as process changes. Examples include:

Our Mission:

AER’s core business consisting of remanufacturing (Recycling) over 2,000 pieces of automotive electronics per day in itself is our largest green initiative. The parts serviced by AER never end up in a landfill. Replacement of electronic, mechanical and cosmetic components then recycling or disposing of the by product waste in an environmentally safe fashion is the best way to care for our planet in the future.

AER utilizes a wireless inventory pick system to pull orders. This system allowing a paperless exchange to take place between when an order is taken and the moment it is ready to ship. AER is also introducing new highly efficient electric lifts in our warehouse operations while progressively replacing propane-driven forklifts. This initiative has proven to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

AER’s has chosen a delivery fleet consisting of small Chevrolet HHR’s, which achieve 32 highway miles per gallon and 22-city mpg on average. This fleet replaced standard small and midsize trucks that consistently consumed more than twice the fuel.

Employee and departmental recycling programs promote environmental-awareness within AER’s culture and ultimately benefits the entire organization and surrounding communities. These programs increase employee awareness and participation as well as result in additional income used to facilitate employee reward programs.

With an uncertain future for our environment on the horizon, one thing is for certain: with every small effort made on behalf of the organization to help our environment and the help of all surrounding communities, we truly can make a difference.