Dealer Services:


AER Technologies, Inc. is the only Remanufacturing Center in the United States authorized to advance exchange and service Delphi manufactured Toyota radios. Toyota Dealers can expect immediate shipment from AER's facility located in Fullerton, California. All Toyota products are remanufactured to the highest standards and ultimately exceed initial engineering specifications. Root cause of product failure is identified and modifications performed to increase product life and reliability. Toyota dealers can place advanced exchange orders via telephone, fax, or Internet and can always expect the highest levels of quality and service from AER.

Product Type Delphi Model #
AD1700 16221029
AD1701 16234499
AD1702 09354219
AD1800 12220949
AD1801 12220929
AD1803 28099095
AD1807 28133609
AD1808 28133622
AD6400 16221019
AD6401 16229309
AD6402 16229309
AD6800 16221039
AD6801 16233729
AD6802 09354229
AD6803 09357129
AD6804 09350919
AD6805 12201839
AD6806 9390909
AD6807 12214139
AD6808 12220939
AD6900 09350209
AD6901 12222139
AD6902 12219559